Our Story

Just as sports began to bounce back after the early stages of Covid-19, I found myself sitting inside of a silent, empty, and morbid-like Arthur Ashe stadium watching two competitors fight for a chance to advance in the US Open Championship. After following a tennis ball for hours on end, boredom set in along with a vision. This vision entailed collecting and sharing pictures/videos of empty stadiums, capturing raw footage of what goes on behind the scenes and being able to connect and share this with others. We are now much more than an Instagram page, supplying two versions of our Tee-shirt, our staple rope cap, sweatshirts and a beanie.—

Fans are destined to come back to the stadiums, but just as our society adapted to Covid, Sports With No Fans will continue to produce high quality products and maintain a brand that will remain timeless in a period where things are constantly changing.


Like sports without fans, what is a network without representation? That is why it is our mission to serve the sports broadcast group by offering a brand that everyone can unite under. We take pride in producing high quality apparel so that our crew can feel comfortable and stylish while on and off the sidelines.