Go Behind The Broadcast

As the forefront pioneers in the world of social media broadcasting, our mission is clear: to become the ultimate hub for everything related to video, audio, data transport, cloud services, and education. We firmly believe that by embracing genuine experiences and staying at the cutting edge of technology, we can drive positive change within the industry, ensuring that broadcast remains in sync with the latest trends and advancements.


The Story Behind BTB

  • In 2021, Parker, founder of BTB, realized that people in the broadcasting industry were missing a platform where they could connect with one another.
  • He started the BTB Instagram account to create that space for the people working in broadcasting and to highlight their talent and dedication.
  • Since its foundation, BTB has become a place where outsiders can get an inside look into the world of broadcasting and, more importantly, where broadcasters can network, share knowledge, and uplift one another.


A Global Community

  • BTB has transformed into a global community, attracting broadcasters and non-broadcasters alike through videos that are equal parts entertaining, educational, and inspiring. But the support doesn’t stop there.
  • The BTB newsletter was created to provide networking opportunities, educational content, and other resources that will help our community continue to connect, learn, and grow.

The Broadcast Survival Guide


Covering live events can mean 12+ hour days running with a 50lb steadicam in the sun, rain, or snow. Always check the weather report ahead of time and consider some strength training.


Your work may be broadcast to millions of anxious fans in real time, so make it count! But also remember to watch your step unless you wanna fall off a 10 foot stage.


Be on time, stay alert, always keep your mind on the next play… and don’t forget to wrap cables over, under, over, under.


Introduce yourself, ask questions, and help #UniteTheNetwork. You never know what opportunities are just around the corner!